About Us provides internet users a social platform to upload, share, search, embed, download and discuss audio files. These audio files consist of but are not limited to podcasts, misicians, remixes, live performances, interviews, dj mixes, sound bites, music-original, sound effects, ring tones, music-covers, audio books, music and more. is a hosting service. Users are liable for all the content that they upload to Registered users to may upload audio, pictures, comments and other content which is stored by Content may be shared and distributed by other users of using the tools and features provided by us. The Platform also enables registered users to interact with one another. This is done by way of listening, searching, commenting and sharing content uploaded and made available by registered users.
Our extensive library of audio is easily organized by our users by allowing audio uploads to include channels, title, tags and descriptions. This enables the audio to be easily categorized which in turn allows our user to be able to search, play and organize the audio files they search and upload with ease.

We provide a social aspect to the site that enables our registered users to interact with one another. They are able to do so by commenting on audio files, following other users and being able to see others favorite audio files, playlists and uploaded audio. The audio player can be embeded on any website. also provides users with unlimited audio storage capacity. This onsite storage allows our users to be able to add audio files to their "favorites" list create their own "playlist" and store all of their uploaded audio files in one central location. was conceived in May 2013.
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